Greetings from ISHA!!

As per the PM address to the nation, on 14th April 2020, and the advisory issued by the ministry, we are set to resume our regular work in a phased manner. You can review the press releases at There have been adequate resources made available for professionals, the common man of India, on COVID19. Measures to be taken in the lockdown period, and once we resume work after lockdown.

The next few months are going to be critical. As we resume work, we will be interacting with clients who would have been treated by COVID19 or coming from the areas where COVID19 was active. Some of the clients might hide the information and may not reveal proper history. In such situations, it is safe on our part to take universal precautions. We develop our immune system, adapt the best hygiene practices. It is essential to protect us, our family, near and dear, and clients whom we serve.

India, being a guru for best practices, has access to the best seasonal foods, best home, and Ayurvedic remedies to improve your immunity and protect ourselves from diseases. We have access to YOGA, which is known to improve your self-confidence, immunity, and positive thinking. FEAR, ANXIETY, and NEGATIVE thoughts are a way to attract problems. Adapt the best practices that you are comfortable, relax, reduce anxiety, improve positive thinking.

Modify your work environment to meet the guidelines issued by authorities in not only protecting yourself from COVID19 but also in preventing transmission of disease. As you all know, Social distancing, face mask, frequent hand wash are the mantras of the day. Take at most care, if required use PPE, when you get involved in clinical practices where you may get into contact with clients. Irrespective of history for the next couple of months, it is good to adopt these practices as you do not know who is the carrier of the disease.  It is also recommended that your clients have quick rapid tests of COVID-19 before they visit you. Interact with your colleagues in coming out with innovative ways of being in touch with your clients with the limited resources available with you.

We are herewith sharing a few resources from the government of India and international associations, which could benefit you in exploring the best practice that fits your workplace. These resources are many, and these could help you all. If you come across any further resources, please share amongst your colleagues. We are planning to come out with a comprehensive monograph in the area of infection control, till then this information should benefit you all.

Indian resources


AEA Guidelines for Professional Hearing Care during the COVID-19 period 

COVID-19 and Our Audiology Practices

British Guidelines for Audiology Practice in COVID



Infection control

WHO guidelines for health care professionals 


For Academicians: