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Charges for advertising in ISHA's publications / website

The Indian Speech Hearing Association offers a variety of advertising opportunities in the form of quarterly newsletters, annual convention program, annual membership directory annual journal of ISHA, and ISHA monographs. These publications are read and used by our membership of 1000+ professionals in the fields of speech-language pathology and Audiology.



ISHA monographs

Business Card



1/4 Page



1/2 Page

Rs.10, 000.00

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Full Page

Rs. 20,000.00

Inside Covers

Not Available


ISHAs website provides you with the opportunity to promote your services, sell your products, find quality employees, as well as many other things. ISHA’s website allows thousands of people to view something about your company rather than just ISHA members.

Placement:  Banner ads on the ISHA website will run in a banner ad rotation. The ads are placed prominently at the top of virtually every page on the site.

Pricing:  The standard rate to run a banner ad on front page of ISHA website is Rs.30, 000.00 and for remaining pages it will be Rs. 10, 000.00 per page. These rates are for one financial year.

Links: To provide links for your institution, company, clinic. It will be charged at the rate of Rs. 5000.00 per link for one financial year (April 1 st to March 31 st ).

Banner Ad Specifications for website:

Full Banner
Pixels: 468 w x 60 d
File Size: Maximum 20k
Loops: Maximum 5
File Format: Standard .gif or .jpg image
Alternate Text: Maximum 35 characters, including spaces and punctuation
Background: Avoid transparent backgrounds
Link: Make your ad clickable by providing your web address

* ISHA Recommends using a border to differentiate the banner from our page content