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Guidelines to Authors

Guidelines to Authors for Submitting Manuscripts
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Journal of Indian Speech Language & Hearing Association

Scope of the Journal

The Journal of Indian Speech Language and Hearing Association (JISHA) publishes articles of interest to professionals involved in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of speech, language and hearing disorders. JISHA is of primary interest to audiologists, speech language pathologists, otolaryngologists, neuro-otologists, paediatricians, linguists, special educators, and to those involved in the design, and manufacture of aids and appliances for individuals with hearing and communication disorders. The goals of the journal are to foster knowledge about issues related to speech, language and hearing; to promote research and evidence-based practice in the field of speech and hearing; to provide information on and to promote prevention and early identification of hearing and communication disorders; and to facilitate ‘best practices’ in the (re)habilitation of persons with hearing and communication disorders. JISHA will publish research articles, letters to the editor, invited tutorials and invited literature reviews.

For further information go to http://www.jisha.org/contributors.asp.