Updates & Downloads

a. Sponsorship

  1. Guidelines to receive grants from ISHA
  2. Guidelines for Dr. S. R. Chandrashekhar travel fellowship
  3. Application form to apply for grant of financial support.

b. Guidelines

  1. Protocol for Hearing Aid Recommendation and Outcome Measure
  2. Protocol for Hearing Aid Trial and Assessment
  3. Report Format Writing
  4. Guidelines for ISHA Oration
  5. Guidelines Standard Audiometric Procedures
  6. Telepractice Guidelines

c. Forms

  1. Nomination Form for the ISHA Election
  2. Nomination Form for ISHA Orations
  3. Form to Advertise Speech and Hearing Job Opening
  4. Form to be Filled by Complainant
  5. Request Form for obtaining Data

d. Others

  1. E-flag of ISHA
  2. Mobile App- Speech and Language Disorders Screener
  3. PEHC Trainers Handbook-WHO
  4. PEHC Training Manual-WHO